This is Tinkerbots

Tinkerbots brings your family together in an immersive play and learning experience: Build your own robots and bring them to life, teaching them movements or remotely controlling them through our App.

The building kits

Tinkerbots are modular robotic building sets made in Germany that can be combined and expanded. The building kits come in 3 different sizes:

Control your robots

With Tinkerbots you not only build your own robots, but you can also teach them how to move, remotely control them via our App for smartphone and tablet and program them through Arduino.

Downloads and Updates

Download our Tinkerbots App to control your robots, more instructions on how to build the models and software updates for your modules.


Tinkerbots is proud of all the awards we have received for our innovative building kit.

About us

Did you know that Tinkerbots are deeply rooted in the Bauhaus tradition? Get to know more about the Tinkerbots story and our team.