Tinkerbots Crazy Racer Award 2016

Tinkerbots Crazy Racer Award 2016

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We held our first racing and building competition in January and want to share our impressions with you! Ten young builders came on a Saturday morning to our Tech & Toys Concept Store in Berlin Neukölln to spend the day with us.

Each one of them got a Tinkerbots Wheeler Set and many LEGO® bricks were laid out on the table so that the kids could build creative racing cars. Thanks to our so called adapter brick Tinkerbots can be combined with LEGO® and other bricks. At first the kids set out to explore the building kit and to assemble the racing car as it was displayed in our colorful manual and then they added more bricks to make each car unique - in this way we have seen cars with eyes, cars that have room to house the driver's home and cars that unfold to be bigger or smaller...so many creative ideas!

We awarded two Tinkerbots awards and two Wheeler Sets

One to the most creative racing car and one to the fastest car. After building the racers it was time to test them on our racing track - the kids controlled their robotic cars with our Tinkerbots application on a smartphone and tablet and one was faster than the other! Here you can see some images of the eventful day:

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