Combine your Tinkerbots with building bricks

Combine your Tinkerbots with building bricks

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We have probably all been playing around with remote controlled cars. They come in the form of racing cars, monster trucks or machines like excavators. Whatever the shape all cars are fun to race around the house but the most fun we believe is creating your very own cars adding wings, further seating for more people or more colors.

Combine your Tinkerbots with LEGO® bricks

With our Tinkerbots Wheeler Set you can do just that: You can create your own robots and combine them with LEGO® bricks to build all that you dream of. With every Tinkerbots building kit you receive adapter bricks that allow you to combine your robot with LEGO® bricks and Megablocs. It's very easy: You select the Tinkerbots modules you wish to use for your robot, add the Cubies to give it shape, top it off with an adapter brick and combine your robot with the LEGO® bricks you have at home. How many different robots can you build?

At our Crazy Racer Award event in January children showed us just how creative they can be! They have built the coolest racing cars combining our starter building kit and legendary LEGO® bricks! Some examples we have seen are cars with a house-cabin for the driver, cars with wings, double-decker cars with whole houses and many more... Even though all vehicles look different they can all be controlled via our Tinkerbots App for smartphone and tablet.

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