Build your own robot with our Tinkerbots building sets

Build your own robot with our Tinkerbots building sets

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Building sets are the perfect opportunity for all hobby builders, tinkerers and inventors to let their imagination run wild and be creative. You don’t just get one ready-made toy, you get as many as you can possibly imagine! With wood building kits you can build giant towers, palaces and entire cities. With metal building kits you create the craziest models that pop into your mind. With a chemistry set you easily learn about the world of atoms and molecules. Building sets foster creativity and give kids space to live out their natural curiosity. We at Tinkerbots offer great building sets for children as well. But with us the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve built something, it just keeps going on!

Tinkerbots building sets for kids and kids-at-hearts

We at Tinkerbots offer you the opportunity to build real robots: Combine the parts in our building sets in any order and create your own, autonomously moving robot. No matter what cool stuff you’ve built with other building sets like LEGO®, it still remains lifeless. That’s where our Tinkerbots come into play, because you can control them and make them move. The robots come to life! Tinkerbots combines creative building with bricks and modern technology. You find everything you need in our robot building sets through the shop:

That’s how the robotics inside Tinkerbots works

Our Tinkerbots robot building sets contain three different components: It all starts with the Powerbrain. The Powerbrain with its microcontroller is both brain and heart of your robot. Starting here, you connect all the other parts of your robot kit. The Powerbrain provides your robot with energy and tells it how to move. But who tells the Powerbrain what to do? That’s you of course! You can teach your robot movements and actions and the robot repeats them. This works through manually controlling the Powerbrain with its buttons, via Bluetooth-remote control through your smartphone or tablet with our intuitive app or even through own coding with the Arduino platform. The Powerbrain also sends out acoustical or visual signals, for example in case the power runs low.

The actions and movements of the robot are executed by different modules: Motor, Pivot, Grabber and Twister. The motor powers for example wheels of a car. The Pivot module works like a joint and allows your robot to swing left- and rightwards. Your robot can pick up and grab things with the Grabber. Finally, the Twister turns itself and everything you connect to it by 180°. Additionally, you can integrate sensors into your robot. The light sensor sees to it that your robot reacts to light pulses. The distance sensor can recognize and react to obstacles. Combining the modules is easy, because all you have to do is click them together and turn. Our patented plug connecter makes it impossible to connect the modules wrongly. All modules can be connected to each other without cables. There are no limits for your creativity and it’s tons of fun to try out all the different combinations of modules to discover more and more movements and shapes!

In order to give the robots your perfect individual design, there are additional bricks in our building sets. Axes and wheels get your robot driving, whereas the Cube can connect up to six modules with each other. Little Cubies give each robot its own unique shape. For even more fun designing your robot we came up with our Brick Adapters, which allow you to connect LEGO® bricks to your Tinkerbots. Click your robot together any way you want, everything you build will work. From a snake to a car to cranes or every crazy design imaginable, you can create exactly the robot you like.

Why Tinkerbots?

The Tinkerbots robot kits aren’t just any technological building kit for children, they’re ideal sets for beginners. Operable entirely intuitively, they give children with a minimum age of only 6 years an understanding of the basic principles of robotics and a general sense of technology. Plus, on top of that they are just loads of fun! Playing meets learning with the Tinkerbots building sets. Therefore, the play experience becomes enriching and unique. Kids and kids-at-hearts explore the wonders of robotics hands on, individually and creatively. And just in case you want to immerse yourself even deeper into the world of robots: Advanced players can code their Tinkerbots themselves with the open source Arduino platform and the C programming language. This is not necessary in order to play with Tinkerbots, but if you want to learn the basics of coding, you have the option to connect the Powerbrain to your computer and code it with Arduino.

Robots and robotic kits gain increasing popularity as toys, specifically because they combine fun and learning in an ideal way. However, only few robotic toys give the player the same kind of freedom as Tinkerbots with its modular system. Its freely combinable modules allow every tinkerer to build many different robots. The Brick Adapter are the perfect connection to make the Tinkerbots more than a mere robot and instead a fantastic toy, which unites the innovative technology of Tinkerbots with the classic kid’s toy LEGO®. The sky is the limit for your imagination with Tinkerbots!


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