Tinkerbots as gift idea for children aged 6 years

Tinkerbots as gift idea for children aged 6 years

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Looking for a great gift idea? Something that not only entertains kids but is also educational by teaching them something while they play? Something, that’s not just a toy but offers children from the age of only 6 years and upwards a creative way into the fascinating world of technology? Our Tinkerbots building sets are an interactive and enriching play experience that lets kids learn while playing. With our building sets you can build your own robot!

Kids love to let their imagination run wild. They create entire worlds, when they host a car race in their own room or fight battles between monsters and robots in the living room. The physical world of their environment meets their incredible imagination, catapulting them into their own play universe. At the same time they are naturally thirsty for knowledge and want to find out how things work. Building things, breaking them apart again only to rebuild them is the most natural thing in the world for them. This is exactly what they can do with the Tinkerbots robot building sets: They can create and design not just one, but many different robots all on their own. And the best part is, once the robot is built, it comes to life. It’s perfect for extensive trips to Fantasyland!

Tech-playground (not just) for boys: Intuitive building

The Tinkerbots modular system appeals to the natural creativity and exploratory spirit of children and doesn’t tell them how to play. Instead, Tinkerbots gives kids an understanding of modern technology in an innovative way without asking too much of them. Fun comes first, because with Tinkerbots your child can discover the correlations between energy, mechanics and sensor systems all without prior knowledge or experience. You can’t go wrong, because everything you put together and build, works! Follow your intuition and find out! For every one of our sets you find suggested models for you to try out first as well.

One special gimmick of Tinkerbots are our Adapter Bricks, which allow you to make every one of the robots you build even cooler. With the adapters you can easily combine your robots with LEGO® bricks. Therefore, you have no limits when it comes to designing your robots. Once you are done building a Tinkerbot, you and your child can simply make it come to life. Various modules can execute different types of movements. You can teach the robot movements or control it with our own Tinkerbots app through Bluetooth remote control via tablet or smartphone. All this make Tinkerbots the ideal, technology based gift for curious boys (and girls) aged 6 and above.

It’s that simple: From us to you

Pick the building set in our shop, which suits your needs the best. We have three different kits in stock to choose from: For the first steps into the world of Tinkerbots we have our Wheeler Set for children from the age of 6. You can build for example a cool roadster or android with it and control it yourself. With the Advanced Builder Set you have even more possibilities, where soon robot animals, cars, monster or machines will take over your home. You can teach your creations exactly how you want them to move around. Finally, for the ultimate smart play experience full of fun and learning we bring the Sensoric Mega Set to your home. It’s our biggest building set, allowing you to combine all the modules like the Twister, Grabber or Pivot freely with each other. You’re really spoilt for choice over which kind of robot you want to bring to life. Also included in this complete set are light and distance sensors, giving your robots the ability to react to light impulses and recognize obstacles. The Sensoric Mega Set offers fun for young and old alike and is suitable for children from the age of 9 years.

With just one click you have the set of your choice in the shopping cart. The path from us to you is short. We pack your chosen set for you and send your building kit usually within 3-4 working days to your home. You can pay comfortably with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Here you can go directly to the shop/our building sets.

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