Our buiding kits made in Germany

Our buiding kits made in Germany

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Today we would like to give you a glimpse of our production: What goes on behind the scenes at Tinkerbots to produce and assemble our building kits.

Our Tinkerbots building kits are produced and assembled in hard work, in single parts in our production facilities close to Berlin, Germany. They are all made in Germany and shipped out to you from our headquarters. Oftentimes with toys and other products you do not know where it is made and we suppose that our racing cars or pretty dolls originate in a huge factory in China or Taiwan where they are built and assembled next to smartphones and computers. With Tinkerbots this is not the case and that's what you are about to discover now:

One single Tinkerbots building kit is made up of 226 pieces, electronical components, boards, injection molded parts, cables, motors, sensors, screws and much more. More than half of these parts have been designed by us especially and produced by a partner company exclusively for Tinkerbots. Our partners are all very close, also locally. 29 of our providers and partners work in the same region of Germany and only four of the companies are not German. Having regionally sourced and fabricated products is very important for us - it enables us to know that our partners are experts in their field and know exactly what they are doing.

But regionality is not only important when it comes to production - also when it comes to the assembly of these single parts. Our production and assembly is both Made in Germany. Our team of ten sits in our office in Bernau, close to Berlin, and taking the different single parts bring them together to make the Tinkerbots building kits as you know them. To assemble one single building kit 650 single parts and many work steps are needed. Our team untangles the cables and plastic parts, solders cables and pastes together the modules. In addition to these manual tasks, they program and test our boards and final modules. We work hard until everything is done and has gone through our detailed quality check - then your kit is boxed, packaged and shipped out to you.

That's a lot of single pieces and a lot of manual work for our building kits, right? But it is worth it! Tinkerbots are fun to make and fun to play with ;)

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