Friday the 13th with Tinkerbots

Friday the 13th with Tinkerbots

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Today is Friday the 13th! This day makes people around the world feel uncomfortable. It is considered an unlucky day in many countries and some superstitious people even take a day off because they are afraid that something bad might happen to them. But how dangerous is this day, actually? Well not very dangerous if you take a look at some statistics from a big insurance company. It states that there are 10 percent fewer accidents on a Friday the 13th than on a regular Friday. The thesis that Friday the 13th is not as bad as people think gets support from the German ADAC. The automobile club has released says that there are fewer car accidents on a Friday the 13th than on other Fridays. Maybe people are expecting Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day and therefore act more carefully.

Robots for your household

If you are superstitous anyway, there are certain things you can do. To prevent an unlucky day, just stay in bed and let Tinkerbots do your work. With our modular building set, you have the chance to build multiple robots that can make your life much easier. For example, build a Braitenberg vehicle and let it search your home for possible tripping hazards. Another possibility: Use our Sensoric Mega Set to build a Grabber Base. This Tinkerbot can prevent you from getting hurt while eating a meal. The robot can operate your food from the plate directly into your mouth. To control the grabber, you the Tinkerbots app or our record and playback mode.

Worst things that ever happened on a Friday the 13th:

Friday the 13th, November 1970: A cyclone killed 500.000 people in Bangladesh.

Friday the 13th, October 1972: Plane crash in the Andes.

Friday the 13th, October 1989: A big stock exchange crash.

Friday the 13th, September 1996: The death of rap legend 2pac.

Friday the 13th, January 2012: The sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia.

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