The foundation for a future life with our robot

The foundation for a future life with our robot

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Germany is getting older and older. If you compare the birthrate from the 1960s with current numbers, you will see a decrease while the number of seniors is increasing. At a certain age, it is difficult handle the household on your own. While there is an increasing demand for help in older citizens’ houses, the country lacks an adequate amount of workforce for this job. This is where service robots come into play. Recent numbers from forsa show Germany’s trust in technology. A survey states that 83 percent of the citizens could imagine to make use of robots for home care. Service robots could use this opportunity to show the world that they are perfect to help older people to clean the house and for other tasks. One very important criteria for seniors is an easy usability of the robots.

robots as little helpers

While older generations did not grow up with smartphones and computers, today’s kids should be accustomed to robots at an early stage. Tinkerbots is the perfect toy for this purpose. It brings children from the age of six in contact with robot for the first time. While playing with Tinkerbots kids can be creative and build several models. Our toys also introduce kids to sensor technology and robotics. To control our Tinkerbots you can use the record and play mode or our iOS and Android app. If you already need help in your household, you can build a Grabber Base and use the robotic arm.

With a certain understand of how a robot works it will be easier for you to use a service robot when you are older. The use of robots in the future is not limited to home care or cleaning. Machines could also work in the industry sector, as a rescue guard or security guard. Scientist are constantly working on making our life easier!

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