5 tips for young robotics fans

5 tips for young robotics fans

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The self-driving car, a service robot for your home or a mechanical exoskeleton like Iron Man – the future brings some exiting technology to make our life easier. Kids are fascinated by the field of robotics, because everybody has the dream to build their own robot. We put together five tips for future robotics enthusiasts:

1. Start early to engage with robotics

Kids who start developing an interest in technology at an early age, does not only have advantages in physics class, it can also be the foundation for a future career in this field. But how can you make young children develop an interest for robotics and mechanics? And what is the perfect age to start with? Well, the best way to bring kids closer to technology is a playful method. Tinkerbots is a toy which gives children from the age of six the possibility to build their own robot. Thanks to our building set, all kinds of robots can be created and controlled. It’s not even possible to do something wrong with our robot set, which brings a feeling of success every time you play with it.

2. Increase slowly and become a real inventor

We suggest to adapt the learning curve to the kid’s interests. It is a great way to not lose the fun with topics like robotics, mechanics and senor technology. Only if the kid is really into playing with the robot, he or she is able to learn something from it. With Tinkerbots, kids can start to build their own robot without any previous knowledge. Thanks to our powerbrain, robots can be moved with only click. After a short period of time with Tinkerbots, you can also teach your robot some moves. The next step would be our robot control via smartphone app.

3. Use different materials for building a robot

The less restriction there are for building a robot, the more innovative the result can be. That does not only apply for real scientists who work on new prototypes with materials like plastic, carbon and steel. It also applies to young robotics enthusiasts and Tinkerbots. We are currently selling three different robot kits from which you can build several models. If you want to create something completely new, you can add another component: With our special adapter you have the chance to combine Tinkerbots with LEGO® to build a brand new robot from your own imagination.

4. Meet other robot enthusiasts and exchange ideas

It can be a lot of fun to play with your robot alone at home. But it is even more exiting to exchange ideas with other robot enthusiasts. In Germany, there are several competitions for kids of all ages and every level of difficulty where kids can meet. One good example is the RoboCup Junior Championship, where young school teams compete in different categories with their self-made robots. Another example is our Crazy Racer Award. The task in this competition is to build the fastest and the most creative racing car with Tinkerbots and LEGO® bricks.

5. Learn through experience with robots

The knowledge which you gain through a playful handling of robots can perfectly be used to have a breakthrough in other fields. For example, in physics class at school where mechanics and electronics are two important topics. The basic principles for that can be learned through playing with Tinkerbots. The fun that you have while playing with our robots can also lead to an overall interest in science and maybe to the wish for a career in robotics.

If you follow our tips, you will have what it takes to become a real robotics expert some day!

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