Tinkerbots: Facts and numbers

Tinkerbots: Facts and numbers

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We at Tinkerbots see ourselves as part of a community. That is why we want to keep you updated about news and changes from our company. On our blog, we are regularly publishing content that aims to entertain you and content that informs you about certain aspects of our robots. In the past, we already provided you with some useful information about the company. But there are certain things about Tinkerbots, that you probably don’t know.

So, if you want to know how we work here at Tinkerbots and learn something about our company, then you will enjoy some current figures. We found some exciting facts and numbers about Tinkerbots that you probably didn’t know before.

Here is an overview of Important Tinkerbots figures:

3 founders by the name of Christian, Leo and Matthias established Tinkerbots.

6 years is the perfect age for you to start building your first own robot.

20 people work in different departments to make Tinkerbots a success.

29 partners and providers are producing and delivering parts for our Tinkerbots. Most of them are located in the region around Brandenburg.

45 days after the start of our crowdfunding campaign at indigogo.com, we already found enough supporters to begin with the production process of the first Tinkerbots.

53 countries have been supplied with Tinkerbots. For example, Malaysia, Mozambique and Peru.

169,96 EUR is the price for a Wheeler Set, which is our building kit for beginners.

178 elements are being used to build a Powerbrain.

226 parts belong to one Tinkerbots building set.

2012 is the year, when our company was established.

1342 times, our Tinkerbots control app has been downloaded from the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

61000 plates were used for 4000 robot kits.

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