Tinkerbots social media competition

Tinkerbots social media competition

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Playing with Tinkerbots can boost your imagination and creativity. Our robot building sets give you several models to build and control. Depending on which set you own, there are up to seven different models available. Starting with the Wheeler Set, which includes bricks and modules for the Roadster and the Android L30, up to the Sensoric Mega Set with the possibility to build all our models and more. Because, if you think our Tinkerbots are only limited to those seven models, you are wrong.

All of our modular building sets contain a special adapter, which makes it possible to combine our cubies with LEGO® bricks. This unique combination brings you endless possibilities to create new robots. So, if you plan to build a droid that looks like R2-D2 or a life-sized robot with all your colorful LEGO® bricks – with Tinkerbots all of this is possible.

The best thing about creating your own special Tinkerbot is that you can share it with a community of robot enthusiasts and exchange ideas. Just take a picture or make a video of your robot and share it via social media with the world. If you post a picture or video using the hashtag #mytinkerbots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you also have the chance to win a special prize at our social media competition. All participants that use the hashtag #mytinkerbots until June 15, 2016, have the chance to win a Sound LED Star and four SMD Happy Face mini kits from Velleman.

We wish you good luck and we are really looking forward to see your pictures!

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