Celebrate World Somersault Day

Celebrate World Somersault Day

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Do you like turning a somersault? If your answer is yes, then today it’s your lucky day. May 27th is globally known as World Somersault Day. The commemorative day was coined by German theologian Jörg Wilkesmann-Brandtner in 2009 and ought to raise awareness of exercising more often. Unlike a handstand or a flic-flac, a somersault is quite easy to perform. That’s why most kids do a somersault as their first gymnastics manoeuvre. It can be performed at an early age and kids do it as a trick that they can show their parents. The best things about the somersault is, that it’s healthy. It strengthens your abdominal muscles, your back and it trains your sense of orientation.

So, what is the best way to celebrate World Somersault Day? It’s obviously turning a couple of somersaults. Unfortunately, we don’t want to get involved with physical actions. Therefore, we developed a unique Tinkerbot to do the somersaults for us. It’s called the Escalation car and it consists of a Powerbrain, two Motor modules with wheels and two Pivots. There are different ways to connect the components, which gives you several opportunities to build a robot. The Escalation car can not only do a somersault it can also move to the music like a real dancer. Enjoy the video and celebrate World Somersault Day with us!


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