Celebrating World Play Day

Celebrating World Play Day

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Playing can be very important for the development of a kid. Scientists have proven that it has positive effects on their imagination and their coordination skills. Unfortunately, not all kids in the world have the possibility to play every day and to live an untroubled life. To change that, the World Play Day was coined in 1999. Its goal is to bring closer children and adults from different social classes and to accomplish the right to play for every kid in the world. This year, many World Play Day events are centered around the current refugee crisis. Many kids lost their homes, friends and families because of war and terror and flee to a foreign country. There, they are facing new problems like overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers.

One way of dealing with those obstacles is to communicate and let kids from different cultures play togehter. Tinkerbots is the perfect toy for that, because our robot building set is universal understandable. Kids from all over the world know the principle of building blocks and our manual has many detailed images which makes the play easy. Another great thing about Tinkerbots is the interaction between kids that occurs while they are playing with our robots. They can explore together how all the bricks and modules work and even exchange ideas how they can create a brand new robot. Because, with our special adapter Tinkerbots can be connected to LEGO® bricks. To have even more fun, the kids can have a little race between their robots. In the end, playing is a universal language!

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