Are tablets good for the development of children?

Are tablets good for the development of children?

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Should young children already use tablets? Well, the truth is that more people are consuming games and videos on their tablets. The number of tablet households is growing and it goes along with an increase of children who use their parent’s tablets. The mobile devices are often used for practicing reading skills and watching animated shows. This new development has also an impact on kindergartens.

Experts disagree on whether young children should use a tablet or any other digital device or not. According to critics, the use of a tablet can have negative effects on the social skills of a child. But supporters of the early use say that tablets are a great device for a cooperative learning. Children would not play alone but together and even help each other to control the device. We at Tinkerbots also think that children should learn to use a tablet at a young age. Because such a device can be both, a toy to have fun with and a source for knowledge. It’s fun to build several robot models with motion modules and bricks. At the same time children get an introduction to technology and mechanics.

In summary, the combination of Tinkerbots and a tablet can be positive for the development of children. Nevertheless, parents should have an eye on their children’s use of a tablet. Especially the following points should be considered:

Giving children a specific time when they are allowed to use the tablet

Checking if all apps are appropriate for the child’s age

Deactivating the in-app purchase in the tablet

Acting like a role model when it comes to media use

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