How our building sets work

How our building sets work

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Get to know Tinkerbots! It’s a modular building set for robots with the goal of introducing children from the age of 6 to mechanics and robotics. Unlike other approaches, Tinkerbots combines fun with learning. Our new video will provide you an insight into our world.

3 components to build a robot

Many people think that you must be an advanced scientist to build a robot. But as a matter of fact, you can even build your own robot when you are a child. The only thing you need is a Tinkerbots building set. They consist of three important elements which are easy to connect: Therese is the Powerbrain, the motion module and the building bricks. All of these components combined make one robot. The heart of every Tinkerbot is our Powerbrain. It is the most important component of our robot and it can be connected to all motion modules to provide them with power. Our building bricks are called Cubies and come in different shapes. Depending on which moves your robot should execute, there are different modules:

The Pivot, which moves up and down

The Twister, which spins around.

The Grabber, which grabs other objects

The Motor to move wheels

One adapter for more possibilities

Every Tinkerbots building set includes an easy to read manual which helps you to build all of our models. For those of you who want to be a bit more creative, we have a special adapter. It connects Tinkerbots modules and bricks with LEGO®. Since many children have a pile of LEGO® bricks in their room, it’s a great opportunity to build a big robot with it.

2 ways to control your Tinkerbots

After you have put all the components together, it’s time to play with your Tinkerbots. But don’t worry – it’s really easy to control the robot. One possibility is to use the record and playback mode. You just have to press “record” on your Powerbrain and teach the robot some moves. After one click on the “play” button, the robot repeats everything that you have just thought it. Another way to control your Tinkerbots is to use the app. Connect your robot to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use it as a remote control. There are currently three different building sets available in our store. Decide which set is right for you and become a part of the Tinkerbots family!

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