German Dog Day 2016

German Dog Day 2016

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Everybody knows that a man’s best friend is his dog! And there are plenty of reasons for that. Dogs are always excited when you come home and they also show their affection. They are a great companion to play with, especially for kids. Some of them, e.g. guide dogs or rescue dogs, even save lives. There are enough reasons to coin at least one commemorative day in their honor. That’s why Germany is celebrating the Day of the Dog on June 5th with many different events around the country to raise awareness of the importance that dogs have in the German society.

While dogs have been the man’s best friend for ages, the future might bring new friends. In a couple of years, robots could replace dogs as the man's best friend. The machines can undertake many tasks that make the life of humans easier and be a loyal friend as well. Among other things, they can clean your house, cook a nice dinner, providing home care and even interact with you.

If you are looking for someone as cute as a dog and as skilled as a robot, you should meet our Tinkerbots Top Dog. It’s a robotic dog that you can build on your own. This model is part of our Advanced Builder Set and it can be built in no time. All you need is the Powerbrain, the Pivot module and a couple of Cubies. If you want your robot dog to look different, you can also modify it. A special adapter which is included in every building set let you combine Tinkerbots with LEGO®. It gives you the opportunity to create a life-size dog in every shape imaginable. While a real dog needs a long training to obey, Top Dog only does what you teach him. To control the robot, you can use the record and playback mode or your smartphone.

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