8 essential robotics bloggers you should follow

8 essential robotics bloggers you should follow

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Robotics is a versatile topic. The development of Artificial Intelligence, robots on Mars or recent innovations in automation – if you want to be up to date you need to find reliable sources for the news. We have put together a list of 8 bloggers, journalists and writers that you should follow if you are interested in robotics.


1. Will Knight (MIT Technology Review)

Twitter: @willknight

After studying journalism, British writer Will Knight has worked for many different publications like CNET and New Science until he joined the well-respected MIT Technology Review in 2008. Meanwhile Knight has become senior editor there, writing about Artificial Intelligence, automation and robots. 


2. Frank Tobe (The Robot Report & Robohub)

Twitter: @therobotreport

Frank Tobe is a living legend when it comes to robotics. After working in data processing for many years, Frank co-founded ROBO-Global, an index that captures the entire economic value of the global opportunity in robotics, automation and enabling technologies, in 2013. He is also the owner and publisher of the robotics industry news website The Robo Report.


3. Ben Popper (The Verge & other publications)

Twitter: @benpopper

Benjamin Popper from Brooklyn, New York is a real expert when it comes to drones and robotics. He writes for several publications like The Verge, Business Insider and VICE.


4. Bob Violino (ZDNet, Forbes & other publications)

Twitter: @BobViolino

Bob Violino works as a freelance editor for well-known publications like ZDNet and Forbes. His focus lies on technology topics like cloud computing, big data and the internet of things. Among his best works you can find many great pieces about robotics.


5. Steve Crowe (Robotics Trends)

Twitter: @SteveCrowe

Since 2008, Steve Crowe is writing about technology topics. Meanwhile he is managing editor of Robotic Trends, one of the most important websites for news about robotics, drones and AI. He is also host of the weekly podcast The Robotics Trends Show.


6. Evan Ackerman (IEEE Spectrum)

Twitter: @BotJunkie

Besides his works for Gizmodo, Slate and BBC, Evan Ackerman is mainly writing for the robotics blog IEEE Spectrum. Since 2007, Evan has written over 6,000 articles on robotics and emerging technology for the publication.


7. Kelsey D. Atherton (Popular Science)

Twitter: @AthertonKD

Kelsey D. Atherton writes for Popular Science and other publications. He has specialized in drones and defense technology.


8. Erico Guizzo (IEEE Spectrum)

Twitter: @ericoguizzo

Brazilian-born Erico Guizzo has studied electrical engineering and now works as a senior editor at IEEE Spectrum covering news related to robotics. For his robotics coverage, Erico has even won four Neal Awards.


Now you know what the Tinkerbots team enjoys reading to get inspirations for the development of our robotics building kits.


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