Back in time: The beginning of Tinkerbots

Back in time: The beginning of Tinkerbots

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Times flies as they say. Seven years ago, the journey of Tinkerbots began with a university project of our founder Leo. Today, our unique robotic building set has fans around the globe. In order to celebrate this anniversary, we would like to take you to a time travel to the early days of our company.

The story of Tinkerbots began at the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2009, where our founder Leo studied production design. For a university project he had to create his own wish machine. Of course, that could be anything. In order to come up with an idea, he remembered his childhood and which things he liked as a kid. One thing he really enjoyed when he was younger was his Fröbel bricks. The wooden toy was so easy to use that any kid could play with them. The second thing that shaped his childhood was LEGO®. The bricks gave him the chance to create a world after his imagination. The third item from the past was his Game Boy. The handheld game console gave him access to a new digital world. With all of these wonderful childhood memories in his mind, Leo came up with the idea of a modular building kit.

After his university project became a huge success, Leo and his fellow students and friends Christian and Matthias saw the big potential in this toy. Who wouldn’t like a robot building set? So, they founded the Kinematics GmbH in 2011 in order to put this unique toy on the market and give tinkerers the chance to be creative. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, first investors and enthusiastic customer reviews Tinkerbots is now on its way to conquer all kid’s rooms on this planet.

Over the years, Tinkerbots building kits have changed. At the beginning, the bricks were dreary and the modules were moveable cuboids. The Powerbrain also looked different then, even though it was already the head and the brain of the robot. With more experience and a bigger team with many experts, we were able to optimize our building kit. Today, Tinkerbots is a smart toy for kids and adults.

Now, take a ride in our time machine and see how Tinkerbots looked like a couple of years ago!

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