Check out our Grabber

Check out our Grabber

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In our special series we want to introduce you to all of our Tinkerbots modules. Learn how they work and what you can do with them. After the Powerbrain and the Pivot, we give you all the information about the Grabber module.

The robotic building kits by Tinkerbots include different motion modules for every purpose. One of the most exciting modules is the Grabber which can only be found in the Sensoric Mega Set. It allows you to pick up objects and put them down at a different place. One model from the Sensoric Mega Set which can only be built with the Grabber module is the Grabber Base. All you need is a stable foundation of Cubies, axles and wheels, a Powerbrain, two Pivot, a sensor module, a Cube, a Twister and of course the Grabber module. The model can be controlled with your mobile device and with the teach mode.

But the Grabber Base is not the only model that you can build with the Grabber module. Like all the Tinkerbots modules the Grabber gives you the opportunity to be creative and build whatever you like. Tinkerbots gives you countless possibilities. The Grabber is currently only available as part of the big Sensoric Mega Set. But we are working on expansion sets which will allow you to add more modules and Cubies to your existing building kits.

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