Check out our Twister

Check out our Twister

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Here is another part of our introduction to Tinkerbots. This time we want to introduce you to one of our most versatile modules. Learn how the Twister works and what you can build with it. The Twister is a module of many possibilities. It consists of two parts, one of which is able to rotate in 180°. In order to use the Twister, you just have to connect it with the Powerbrain and press the “play” button. The red cube will provide it with energy and it starts rotating. Of course, you can also use the free Tinkerbots app with your mobile device to control the Twister module.

But what can you build with a Twister? Well, there are many possibilities to use the Twister module for building a unique robot. One of the coolest Tinkerbots models is the Grabber Base. This robot is very flexible because you build it with a Twister module. Another way of using the Twister is for our Top Dog. In this case it works as an artificial hip to coordinate the motions of the dog’s legs. If you want to build your own robot, it’s up to you and your imagination what to use the Twister for!

The Twister module is currently included in the Advanced Builder Set and the Sensoric Mega Set. But there will be expansion sets available soon to buy the Twister separately. Get your Twister with an Advanced Builder Set or Sensoric Mega Set today!

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