Creative kids love Tinkerbots

Creative kids love Tinkerbots

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Creativity is one of the most important things at Tinkerbots. We at Tinkerbots believe that creativity can change the world. That’s why we support creativity already at a young age with our building kits. Children can build their own robot by putting together a Powerbrain, motion modules and Cubies. A manual gives them all the information they need. But another great thing about Tinkerbots is that it gives children the chance to create something completely new. If you put all the elements together you can build a robot after your imagination. There are no boundaries. Especially if you use our special adapter plate. It gives you the freedom to connect Tinkerbots with other systems like LEGO® and Mega Bloks.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to create something new with Tinkerbots. So, now it’s your turn to bring your creation to life. Build your unique robot and send us a picture or a short video of it via email to By sending us your creation you also get the chance to win a Tinkerbots creative box with Cubies.

At the Crazy Racer Award in January, a group of children between 5 and 8 years old has proven that everything is possible with Tinkerbots. They have created some very exciting robots which you can find here.

Tinkerbots creation of EdgarTinkerbots creation of LeonTinkerbots creation of LeviTinkerbots creation of LucaTinkerbots creation of MerlinTinkerbots creation of MerlinTinkerbots creation of Philipp

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