The right education for a life with robotic co-workers

The right education for a life with robotic co-workers

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Are robots a menace to human workforces? In fiction, the theme of robots replacing human jobs was established more than a decade ago and since then subject of many novels and short stories. We cannot predict the future but if we take a closer look we’ll see that only a handful of jobs will be replaced by robots. The more important question is how can we improve the collaboration of human workers and robots?

The number of jobs where human workers and robots work hand in hand is rising. While in the past machines were mostly used in fields like the automotive industry, they are nowadays also part of many other sectors, e.g. home care. This development brings us many new challenges. In the past, people who worked together with robots had an appropriate education where they learned how robots function and how they can be controlled. But what about junior employees in jobs where robotic co-workers are quite new? They generally do not learn anything about robots as part of their education or traineeship. But this needs to change in order to create a successful working environment for humans and robots.

Important topics like digitalization and robotics need to become part of the curriculum at school and at traineeships. The technological development calls for a frequent update of the content of teaching which could be a big challenge for educational institutions like universities and schools in the near future. The perfect scenario would be if the familiarization with a life working together with robots already starts at infancy. With the robotic building sets by Tinkerbots kids can get a first look on robotics and mechanics at a young age. This is the perfect start for a successful collaboration with robots at work.

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