We want your creation

We want your creation

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There are many special things about Tinkerbots: Our robot building set is easy to build, it’s fun to play with it and you can even control the robot with your smartphone app. But one of the best things about Tinkerbots is the possibility to create countless new robot models. You can connect our Cubies and modules as you like. In order to double the fun, you can even use our special adapter to connect Tinkerbots and LEGO®. So our building set is the perfect toy for kids and adults to become creative.

A young fan took our claim very serious and became creative. The 8-year-old Nico has sent us a video with his very unique robot creation. Even though the boy doesn’t own a Sensoric Mega Set which features the Grabber module, he managed to build a crane anyway. Our little creative mind connected a Powerbrain with a Motor, Pivot, Twister and Cubies to build a robot that can grab things. We really appreciate his effort and his creativity so we decided to send him a package of Cubies.

Tinkerbots creative box

If you also need new Cubies, you should become creative, too. Because after watching the unique creation of our little fan, we are really curious about which other robot models exists out there. That’s why we want you to be creative and develop new ideas for Tinkerbots robots. Build your own unique robot, make a short video or picture and send it to creative@tinkerbots.com! Every month, we will publish your videos and images in our blog as an inspiration for the Tinkerbots community. As a reward for your models we will send a creative box with Cubies to some tinkerers. Don’t be afraid and share your creation with us!

Here are some inspirations for you. Be creative!

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