Our motivation

We strongly believe that there is nothing that creates a bond as tight as playing together, we have created a playing experience for the whole family, for friends and friends of friends. With Tinkerbots young and old play and learn!

The story behind Tinkerbots

It all started at Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2005 when Leo and Christian met. Both studied product design and shared a passion for unusual and fancy projects. At the same time, in a different place, Matthias was busy writing his PhD thesis on Innovation Economics.

Even though they all knew each other there was not yet much communication. In 2009 however, Leo started working on the very first prototype of Tinkerbots and 2 years later all three of us came together. Wit the aim to build the best robotic toy they set up Tinkerbots.

The next two years went by very quickly: Refining the product, looking for the right partners and most importantly introducing the product to you, our customers. Our Indiegog crowdfunding campaign in April 2014 raised about 300.000 USD in only 45 days, which meant 800 pre­ordered building kits. The feedback was tremendous ­ A big thank you to all who have supported us and who have been patient and trusting! Thank you!

During the crowdfunding campaign the first employees joined the team and we advanced quickly in the developmental process. It was not always easy but we have made it and are proud to present our Tinkerbots robotic building kits to you.

Kids love Tinkerbots

We are always amazed to see the enthusiasm and joy our building sets sparkle in kids, both young and old. We all have so much curiosity in us and building and controlling the robots is just one way to unleash our creativity and discover something new. The possibility to build your own creatures and see them move autonomously fascinates young and old alike! Tinkerbots is not only a toy for children but brings creative fun to the whole family.

The management team

The management team of Tinkerbots consists of Adrienne Fischer, Leonhard Oschütz and Christian Guder:

Adrienne Fischer


Adrienne, our CEO, keeps the numbers in check and navigates the crew



Leo, our CCO, comes up with ever new ideas and takes care of the playing experience



Christian, our CTO, coordinates the team of developers and our production line

The founders

Leonhard Oschütz, Christian Guder & Dr. Matthias Bürger

Our Partners

There are many companies and institutions that have supported us through it all: