Download Center

Do you want to download the Tinkerbots App, update your Powerbrain or get the construction manual to build models?

Here you can find it all.



Download our Tinkerbots App for iOS and Android (smartphone & tablet). Your device needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 on Android 5.0+ or iOS 7+.

Update your Tinkerbots

A new Firmware Update Application for Tinkerbots is available for download. Please update your Powerbrain and all modules.

User Manual

Here, you can download the user manual for our Tinkerbots building kits. It provides you with all information concerning technical data, cleaning, storage and more.

Construction Manual

Building your own robot with Tinkerbots is very easy. Just put together the Powerbrain, the motion modules and the Cubies. It's not possible to do something wrong. But anyway, here you can download the user manual for all Tinkerbots building sets.


Tinkerbots Arduino Library

Program Tinkerbots robots by yourself with our Arduino library. Go to our documentation.