When will I receive my building kit?

We will deliver all building kits within 2 working days after receiving your order.

Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to all countries in the EU as well as the United States of America and Canada through our North-American shop available at http://tinkerbots.com.

What is the procedure to return a building kit?

If you wish to return your Tinkerbots building kit we offer you a 14 working days term during which you can pass back your unopened and undamaged kit in its original package. Please send us an email to hello@tinkerbots.com and state your order number. We will take charge of the shipping costs and proceed to refund your building kit.

I do not have to pay VAT - What can I do?

If you are an European business with a registered and valid Tax ID, indeed you do not need to pay the VAT. Please send us an email to hello@tinkerbots.com.


Is my smartphone and tablet compatible with the Tinkerbots App?

If your phone or tablet uses Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth LE, BLE, Bluetooth Smart) then it is compatible. For Android you will need system version 4.3 and for Apple any version above 5 with the Core Bluetooth framework (introduced in October 2011).
If you use a Google Nexus 7 (version 2013) you may experience problems connecting to the powerbrain via bluetooth. We are working towards resolving this problem.

I cannot find the App in the App Store.

Please search for “Tinkerbots Control”, which is the name of our Tinkerbots App. Should your device not fulfill the above mentioned requirements, it is possible that you will not be able to find the app in the store.

How can I connect the App with the Powerbrain?

Once you have rebuilt the exact model pictured in the app, you can connect it to the Powerbrain via Bluetooth.

My iPad / iPhone / iPod freezes when I use the Play Button in the App. What can I do?

Please update your device to the newest system update (iOS 7+) to avoid this problem from occurring.


How long does a charged battery last and how long does it take to charge it?

The playtime of the battery depends on the number of modules you have connected to the Powerbrain. With 2 modules the battery will last up to 2 hours, with 4 modules it will last up to 1 hour. The Powerbrain's battery needs less than an hour to recharge completely.

How come my Powerbrain is not charging?

It is possible that you did not connect the cables correctly. Please make sure that all cables are connected and that you are using only the cables that we have provided. If you have properly connected the Powerbrain and it is not charging, the USB cable or the charger might be out of order. Please contact us at hello@tinkerbots.com.

Why does the LED not show the right status?

The reasons for a wrong charging-status on the Powerbrain might be that the USB cable has not been connected correctly or that you are still using an older firmware version. Please update your modules according to our instructions to the latest version.

The LED light does not stop flashing (yellow) when charging. Is my Powerbrain still being re-charged?

Yes, the Powerbrain will fully charge. Normally the battery will be charged up to 99% within less than an hour. The LED will reliably stop flashing and turn off when the Powerbrain is fully charged after you installed our new firmware update. Please follow our instructions to carry out the update.


Why can I not turn my new Tinkerbots kit on?

It is possible that the Powerbrain switches on during long travels and discharges the battery on the way. Connect the Powerbrain to our charger, adapter and USB cable for about an hour (the yellow light will flash) and after recharging you can start playing with your Tinkerbots kit.

My Powerbrain freezes. It does not react to the buttons or the App for controlling it remotely. What can I do?

Connect the Powerbrain (must be turned off) through the USB cable that is marked with a yellow flag to the charger and press the RESET button. The RESET button is a tiny hole on the adapter and you can use for example a straightened paper clip to press it. Then you can turn the Powerbrain on again.

Why do the modules not move when I connect them with the App?

Right now only the L3O, Racer, Roadster, Top Dog, Donnergugi, Grabber Base, Vision Car and Braitenberg models can be controlled. If you build a different model you cannot control it with the app right now. However, we are working on expanding the models controllable through the app to enhance the experience.

Why does one of my modules not move in the Play mode?

Please make sure that the modules are connected correctly and that there is no dirt or dust blocking the way between the modules. Clean the plugs carefully with a clean and dry cloth and be careful not to scratch the gold parts. On the modules (not Powerbrain) you can also press in the contact pins that will jump back out to you and thus take out any dust that might block the connection. If this does not solve the problem, please try a different plug or connect another module or reach out to us, if you have doubts.

How can I use my sensor modules?

As of now, you can apply our light and distance sensors. Actuators and sensors can be activated and configured by means of your smartphone or tablet. Please install our new firmware version and download our new app to take full advantage of all features.

In what languages can I program Tinkerbots?

The micro-controller in the Powerbrain is an Atmega 32u4 so that you can program the Powerbrain through the Arduino platform. We prepared a detailed documentation including a video tutorial that supports you with programming your robots. Furthermore you can download Arduino Libraries for all Tinkerbots modules.


Why does the motor-module not record motions in the Record and Playback mode?

The motor module cannot be operated when in Record and Playback mode.

My Record and Playback recordings were ended automatically and the LED shows a red light. What happened? 

It might be that you have exceeded the recording time of 40 seconds. Try to start it again and record the movements in a shorter time.

The motions I recorded in Record and Playback mode are not saved. What happened?

Did you reset the Powerbrain? If you reset the Powerbrain you reactive the standard motions and your robot forgets the new movements that you have taught him.

My Powerbrain does not change to Record and Playback mode. What happened?

Probably you haven't connected any movement module to your Powerbrain yet. After attaching a motion module you can record and play back motion sequences.


It is hard to disconnect the cubies or brick adapters. What can I do?

Since your toy is still very new, it might be hard to disconnect the different bricks. The longer you play with them the easier it will get. You can also build yourself a tool to make it easier to disconnect two bricks. Here you can find our instructions: To the instructions!


Why do I need the firmware update application? 

Our latest update released on 19 October 2016 enables you to apply our light and distance sensors to built robots that avoid obstacles or follow a light source for example. Please install our new firmware version and download our new app to take advantage of various software improvements.

Do I need to update the firmware on the modules?

Yes, even if your Tinkerbots kit doesn't contain any sensors we strongly recommend you to install the new firmware and download the latest app version. There are several enhancements like an optimized charging process or an automatic power-off after 10 minutes of inactivity that you can benefit from. Just follow our instructions to carry out the update.

The firmware update application does not recognize my Powerbrain. What can I do?

Your computer only connects to the Powerbrain via the USB cable marked with a purple flag that we have provided. If you use another USB cable with the same plugs (USB A to mini B) your Powerbrain can also connect through USB 3.0. Our video tutorial helps you to choose the right cable. If this does not solve your problem, please re-install the USB drivers separately. This method also might be of help to you:
1. Turn off your Powerbrain.
2. Press the Record button and keep it pressed.
3. Connect the Powerbrain to your computer using our cable, keep the button pressed.
4. Wait for some seconds while you still press the button until the LED flashes purple.
5. Now you can release the button.
6. Start the Firmware Update Application.
7. Click to start the installation and follow the instructions on the screen.

After installing the update my modules aren't recognized any more. What can I do?

When your modules are detected incorrectly or aren't recognized at all after you performed the update, it is necessary to recover them. Please follow the instructions in our recover mode video. After recovering your modules one after another, you need to install the new firmware again, our update video tutorial guides you through this process. Then you can play with your modules again as usual.

After updating my modules I get an error message, has the installation really failed?

In some cases, an error message appears although the installation has been successfully completed. Please connect your Powerbrain and the previously updated module again to your computer. If you now receive the message that your firmware's version is already up to date, everything went well. Furthermore you can check the module's LED display after disconnecting the Powerbrain from your computer. If the LED does not flash purple and the module regularly performs movements in the Play mode, the update was carried out successfully.


I have a technical problem with my Tinkerbots that is not listed here. What can I do?

Please send us an email to hello@tinkerbots.com and we will be glad to help you.

My email to you was left unanswered.

Usually, we reply to you within 24 hours on working days. If you didn't receive our answer, please check your spam folder and spam settings.