The latest Tinkerbots Firmware & App Update

It’s time to update your Tinkerbots! From now on you can download an update of the firmware for your Powerbrain as well as an update of your Tinkerbots app. Furthermore, we fixed some small bugs and prepared all modules for further programming with our Arduino-Library. This page gives you all information about the advantages of the new versions and how to install them. Our update tool will guide you step-by-step through the installation process. For more information, take a look at our detailled installation guide!

Please charge your Powerbrain before starting the installation process.

Both updates are mendatory for owners of the Sensoric Mega Set. Because from now on, you can not only control Tinkerbots robots with your smartphone or teach them via Record & Playback mode. With the update, you can also use the sensor control. The light sensor reacts to luminous sources and the distance sensor detects obstacles and avoids them. You will find the Vision Car and Braitenberg Vehicle in the selection menu of our new app. Sensors and actuators can be activated and configured by means of your smartphone or tablet.

Your Powerbrain charges up more quickly as we optimized the charging process. The blinking LED turns off as soon as the battery is fully charged and you can play on. If you do not use the Powerbrain for a while, it will switch off automatically after 10 minutes to conserve battery power. In case the Powerbrain turns off while a movement is being performed, the battery is almost completely empty and you should pause to recharge it. While playing, the Powerbrain will only change to the Record & Playback mode if you already connected motion modules to it.

Update overview

Using a light sensor & distance sensor

Unlocking new models

Minor bug fixes

Saving battery

Download Firmware Update package for Windows Download Firmware Update package for Mac

Update your Tinkerbots now

1. Firmware update on your Powerbrain

Download the free installation package for Windows to your computer and execute the file. A detailed installation guide can be found here!

Please open the firmware update installation app after the download follow the instructions. Connect your Powerbrain with a computer via USB and execute the update. As soon as the Powerbrain is updated please connect your modules successively to the Powerbrain and press “start update”.

After successfully updating your modules you need to test if you are running the latest version of our Tinkerbots app (version 1.0.7.). If you are running an old version on your mobile device, an update is mandatory.

Download Firmware Update Package for Windows Download Firmware Update package for Mac

For Mac users:The updating process for Mac is similar to the updating process described above, but with some exceptions: In order to update the motion modules you have to start the updating process first before connecting the modules to the Powerbrain. After all modules are ready, please click "no" when you are asked if you want to update another module.

2. Tinkerbots app update

Android: Please go to Google Play Store on your mobile device and click on “updates”. It will be displayed if a new version of Tinkerbots Control is available. Click on “update” to install the new version.

iOS: Please go to the App Store on your mobile device and click on “updates”. It will be displayed if a new version of Tinkerbots Control is available. Click on “update” to install the new version.

Further answers to your questions can be found on our FAQ page.