Tinkerbots glossary

What's a Pivot? And where can I download the Tinkerbots app? Check our glossary from A to Z to learn everything you need to know about the wonderful world of Tinkerbots.




Our special adapter gives you the opportunity to connect Tinkerbots with LEGO®. With this tool you can become creative and build any robot you want. One adapter is part of the Wheeler Set and the Advanced Builder Set while the Sensoric Mega Set comes with two adapters.

Advanced Builder Set

The Advanced Builder Set is a robot building kit and it comes with a Powerbrain, axles, wheels, an adapter for LEGO®, Cubies and motion modules like a Pivot, a Motor and a Twister. With the Advanced Building Set you can build robots like the Racer, Top Dog, Donnergugi, Roadster and Android L30.


In order to control your robot with a smartphone or tablet, you can use our free app “Tinkerbots Control”. It is available for download at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Just go into the menu, select the right model in the menu, connect your mobile device to the Powerbrain via Bluetooth and control it.


It is also possible to program Tinkerbots by yourself. You just need some basic skills in coding and Arduino. It is a free open source software and hardware for easy coding. We are currently working on a detailed documentation for Arduino, so that you can start with the programming.


The axles are designed to connect wheels and modules or other building parts. You can find them in every Tinkerbots building kit.



Tinkerbots also comes with a Bluetooth interface to connect your mobile device with the Powerbrain. Bluetooth 4.0 is a very fast and energy-efficient way to control your Tinkerbots robot.

Building Kit

Tinkerbots is a modular building system. It consists of different components like the Powerbrain, motion modules and Cubies and you have to put them together in order to create a robot.



With the Cube you can connect up to six motion modules at once. This module is only included in the Sensoric Mega Set.


Cubies are blue and yellow passive building bricks. They are designed to give Tinkerbots their unique appearance.


Data Transmission

How does the information that you want the robot to move reach the motion modules? Well, the Powerbrain stores all the important data and transmits it automatically via serial bus interface to the certain module.



All the energy that you need for your robot comes from the Powerbrain. It need to be charged via USB and then transfers the energy to the motion modules.


You want more Tinkerbots? We are currently working on extension sets in order to add more modules and Cubies to your basic building kit.



Tinkerbots has several functions. One function is that you can teach your robot motions, record it and play them. Another function is to use a mobile device as a remote control for your Tinkerbots. It’s also possible to let your robot move autonomous with smart.



The Grabber is a motion module which lets you grab and take objects. The module can only be found in the Sensoric Mega Set.



The innovative technology inside Tinkerbots makes it a real high-tech toy.



The idea for Tinkerbots was developed as part of a project, our founder Leo had to do for his product design studies. He was asked to create a wish machine and remembered his favorite childhood memories: playing with building bricks and his Game Boy. The result was the prototype for a robot building kit.

Infrared Distance Sensor

The IR Distance Sensor lets your Tinkerbots robot move autonomous. It detects obstacles and knows how far away they are.



Tinkerbots is always searching for new colleagues in every field of activity. If you want to become part of the team check our job site or send us an application to jobs@tinkerbots.com.



Tinkerbots is an exciting toy for kids and adults. Our robot building kits are suitable for children from the age of 6. It gives them a first look on topics like robotics and sensor technology.



Tinkerbots is also compatible with LEGO®. You only need our special brick adapter to connect Tinkerbots Cubies and modules with LEGO® bricks.

Light Sensor

With the Light Sensor your Tinkerbots robot becomes smart. The module reacts to luminous sources and their intensity.

Lithium Battery

In order to make the motion modules move, Tinkerbots needs a battery. A rechargeable lithium battery which supplies the modules with power can be found inside the Powerbrain.



Assembling all the building bricks from Tinkerbots is very easy. But if you need some help anyway, you can download the right manual for your model here.


The Powerbrain has a microcontroller which makes him the brain and the heart of a Tinkerbots robot. A microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory and programmable peripherals.


The Motor is a motion module which can be found in any of the Tinkerbots building kits. It moves axles and wheels and is the best choice if you want to build a car.

Motion Module

One of the best things about Tinkerbots is its ability to move. But that would not be possible without our motion modules like the Grabber, the Motor, the Pivot and the Twister. Every module can perform certain motions.



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Open Source

With an open source software like Arduino you can program Tinkerbots by yourself. It always has a source code which is open to the public and can be developed by anyone.



The Pivot is motion module from the Tinkerbots building kit which can pan to the right and to the left.


The Powerbrain is a special module from our Tinkerbots building kits. It is a red cube that transfers information and supplies other modules with power. The Powerbrain also has a Bluetooth interface, an USB port and a button interface.



Tinkerbots is quality “Made in Germany”. We need 226 pieces for a single building kit. Most of the 226 elements we need for a building set are developed by us and produced by partner companies from the same region in Germany. All kits are assembled by hand at our headquarters.


Remote Control

With Tinkerbots you can transform your mobile device into a remote control. Download the Tinkerbots app on your smartphone or tablet and connect it with the Powerbrain. Now you can use a slide control to tell your robot what to do.


Robotics deals with the design, construction and operation of robots. Tinkerbot gives you an opportunity to get an impression of what is possible in robotics.


Sensoric Mega Set

Tinkerbots’ Sensoric Mega Set is the biggest of our building sets. It contains two Pivots and two Motor modules as well a Twister, a Cube and a Grabber. Four smart sensors are included, too.


Teach Mode

One possibility to make your robot move is the teach mode. You only have to press the record button of the Powerbrain and move the motion modules as you wish. The robot learns what you have just taught him and he can repeat it any time you press play.


The Twister is a motion module which rotates in 180°. It is part of the Advanced Builder Set and the Sensoric Mega Set.



In order to use the full potential of Tinkerbots you should have the updated version of our firmware and the app. Info about new updates can be found on our blog, on Facebook and in our newsletter.


There is an USB port on the Powerbrain can be used to charge the battery and to connect the Powerbrain with your computer.




Wheeler Set

The Wheeler Set contains a Powerbrain, Pivot, Motor and Cubies. This building kit is suitable for children from the age of 6 you can build a Roadster or an Android L30 with it.


Tinkerbots doesn’t need any wires to function, all modules interact wireless. You only need a wire to charge the Powerbrain via USB.





Tinkerbots also has its own YouTube channel. Subscribe if you are interested in informative and funny videos from the world of Tinkerbots.