Tinkerbots videos

On our video page, you can find all the entertaining and informative videos about Tinkerbots. Have fun watching!

This is Tinkerbots

(2016) - This video introduces you to all the features of our robot building kit. Watch how Tinkerbots really works and what you can do with our innovative toy.

The Formula-E Racer

(2016) - When the Formula E came to Berlin in May 2016, we created our own E racing car with Tinkerbots and LEGO®.

Tinker Games in Rio

(2016) - For the summer games in Rio de Janeiro, we used Tinkerbots and LEGO® to create our own robot athletes.

Tinkerbots Top Dog

(2016) - Our friendly Top Dog and his robot friends like to go for a walk.

The Twister Module

(2016) - That's how the Twister functions.

The Grabber Module

(2016) - Learn how to use our Grabber module.

The Pivot Module

(2016) - Here is all you need to know about our Pivot module.

Crazy Racer Award 2016

(2016) - In January 2016, we invited children between 5 and 8 years old to compete at our Tinkerbots Crazy Racer Award. Watch them building their own robot racer.

Our first commercial

(2015) - Watch our first Tinkerbots commercial which was only available online.

The Dinosour

(2015) - Building a dinosaur with Tinkerbots.

The Escalation Car

(2015) - Watch our Escalation Car dance!

World Cup 2014 with robots

(2014) - Take a look at our very own robotic football team for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Indiegogo video

(2014) - In 2014 we introduced Tinkerbots to the world with a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

Tinkerbots in Leipzig

(2013) - In the early days of our company, Tinkerbots had an office in Leipzig, Germany.

Tinkerbots - Bauhaus University alumni

(2013) - Our inventor Leo was studying product design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar when he came up with the idea for Tinkerbots.

Production of the Tinkerbots prototype

(2013) - Watch how our first prototypes were made.

Our first prototype

(2009) - Our first Tinkerbots modules looked very different from today. But they are still working.